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Facts, figures: Spokane Washington Temple

Facts, figures: Spokane Washington Temple

Location: Highway 27 and Belle Terre in Opportunity, a suburb of Spokane.

Temple presidency: President, Frank Everton Wagstaff; first counselor, John Reading; second counselor, Garth Briggs.

Rooms: Two ordinance rooms, two sealing rooms.

Dimensions: 144 feet by 77 feet; 10,700 square feet.

Construction information: Architect: Architectural and Engineering Division of Church Temple Construction Department; Contractor: Arnell-West Inc.

District: Eastern Washington and parts of northern Idaho and western Montana; 10 stakes.

Schedule: Opened Aug. 24, 1999, with six sessions daily Tuesday through Friday and eight sessions on Saturday.

Pertinent facts: Announced Aug. 29, 1998; open house Aug. 6-7, 9-14, 1999; nearly 51,953 people attended; dedicated in 11 sessions Aug. 21-23, 1999, by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

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