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What has President Nelson invited Latter-day Saints to do? Here is a look at some of his invitations since January 2018.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released summaries and videos from select presentations of the October 2023 general conference leadership meeting.

To truly hear leads to understanding and then to change, explained Rabbi Joe Charnes.

Rabbi Joe Charnes, an interfaith partner and religious studies lecturer, joins guest host Mary Richards on the Church News podcast.

“I invite you to take the long view — an eternal view” and “put Jesus Christ first,” says President Nelson during recent conference.

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, a multicultural choir from northern Utah and a young single adult choir from Utah County provided music for the October 2023 general conference.

Prepare for October 2023 general conference with information on how to watch, session schedules and what happened during April 2023 general conference.

Texts of the October 2023 general conference messages have been added to the Church’s website in English. Other languages are expected to follow.

The power, blessing and benefit of general conference messages are as varied as the millions who watch, listen, read, study, discuss them in the weeks, months and years to come.

Church News podcast features October 2023 general conference speakers, temple announcements.

Watch and listen as President Russell M. Nelson announces the locations of 20 future temples of the Church.

For some members, President Russell M. Nelson’s physical absence and virtual message at general conference brought unexpected blessings and lessons.

As a service to our readers, the Church News has created a downloadable PDF summarizing each talk offered during the October 2023 general conference.

Church members worldwide experienced joy and tender feelings following President Nelson’s temple announcement at the conclusion of the Sunday afternoon session.

President Henry B. Eyring, Elder Gary E. Stevenson and others taught members how to better hear and follow the Spirit’s promptings.

Through faith in the Savior, people are able to press forward with “a steadfastness in Christ,” taught Church leaders during October 2023 general conference.

“My dear brothers and sisters, how and where and with whom do you want to live forever? You get to choose,” President Russell M. Nelson said.

“Your choices today will determine three things: where you will live throughout all eternity, the kind of body with which you will be resurrected, and those with whom you will live forever. So, think celestial,” said President Russell M. Nelson.

In less than 6 years as President of the Church of Jesus Christ, President Nelson has announced a total of 153 new temples. See the locations here.

Speakers from the Sunday afternoon session of October 2023 general conference included President Russell M. Nelson, two Apostles and four General Authority Seventies.

“To assist you to qualify for the rich blessings Heavenly Father has for you, I invite you to adopt the practice of ‘thinking celestial.’ Thinking celestial means being spiritually minded,” said President Russell M. Nelson.

“We belong to a group of people who all try to place the Savior and their covenants at the center of their lives and to live the gospel joyfully,” said Elder Christophe G. Giraud-Carrier.

“May we each learn to speak and hear His love here, in our hearts and homes, and in our gospel callings, activities, ministering and service,” said Elder Gerrit W. Gong.

‘Temple covenants are gifts from our Heavenly Father to the faithful followers of His Son, Jesus Christ’

“As parents, we are God’s agents in the care of our children,” said Elder Valeri V. Cordón.

“Our need to recognize truth has never been more important,” Elder John C. Pingree said.

“He is our Savior and Redeemer, the ‘mark’ to whom we should look and our greatest treasure,” said Elder Dale G. Renlund.

Church leaders teach how relying on Jesus Christ will give one the peace and strength to endure to the end.

President Eyring has pondered “what I might teach my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren about how to have that crucial guidance.”

The Sunday morning session of October 2023 general conference emphasized the importance of relying on Jesus Christ.