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Ryan Jensen

J. Ryan Jensen is the editor of the Church News. He has worked with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 2014 creating and distributing content that helps build faith in Jesus Christ – including four years as the managing editor of the New Era magazine and Church youth website. Ryan has a degree in journalism from Utah State University. He served a mission in Colombia and still speaks Spanish every chance he gets. He and his wife Megan love being parents to their four children. Email Ryan at

Elder David A. Bednar met with government and community leaders in Mexico and found they have “more in common than may be different.”

As part of his nine-day ministry in Mexico, Elder David A. Bednar shared simple ways to engage in temple and family history work.

The broadcast from Elder David A. Bednar to those in the hurricane-ravaged city comes as he ministers for nine days in Mexico.

The second stop on its multiyear, multination tour will take the choir to the Philippines for the first time.

Latter-day Saint artist Tessa Broyles painted a mural in New York City based on personal experiences and the message that relief comes through the Savior.

“We walk with Christ, arm in arm. And then we walk with each other. We need each other,” Elder Alexander Dushku said.

Watch and listen as President Russell M. Nelson announces the locations of 20 future temples of the Church.

“As parents, we are God’s agents in the care of our children,” said Elder Valeri V. Cordón.

“Our need to recognize truth has never been more important,” Elder John C. Pingree said.

“Where there is design there is a designer,” said Elder Alan T. Phillips.

The first revision since 1985 is scheduled to be translated and published in 50 languages by 2030.

The latest version of the Church’s World Report includes updates on leader ministries, temples milestones and humanitarian efforts.

Single Book of Mormon manual for all ages, classes continues Church effort to make teaching the gospel at home and at church simpler.

With the new temple showing through the windows behind him, Elder Neil L. Andersen invited youth to find courage living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Neil L. Andersen’s dedication of the Brasília Brazil Temple is the 1st of 3 temple dedications on a historic day for the Church.

Gospel Stream makes Church video content — both live and downloadable — available in one app, while replacing Saints Channel and Gospel Media.

Special birthday video shows President Russell M. Nelson through the years with family, friends, colleagues and members of the Church around the world.

Brazil’s vice president, Geraldo Alckmin, was among many who have toured the Brasília Brazil Temple’s open house, which concludes Sept. 2.

A new video by Elder David A. Bednar shows how meetings, ministry preparation, mission assignments and scripture study are all a part of an Apostle’s regular efforts.

When Jane Anne Morgan Lewis and her husband, Enoch, moved from Wales to Bountiful, Utah, they had to change professions and learned news skills.

While in Brasília, Elder Ulisses Soares shared unique connection to a convert from his mission. In Maceió, he taught about representing the Savior.

Nearly 50 speakers from different religions, government roles, community organizations and institutions of higher education participated in the event.

Develop faith in Jesus Christ and trust in Heavenly Father’s guidance, Elder Soares encouraged.

Marcos Rossi, who doesn’t have arms or legs and has outlived doctors’ expectations, still longs for “just a few more minutes” at the Brasília Brazil Temple.

The temple in Brazil’s capital city will be the tenth dedicated in the country with another ten announced or under construction.

In the Church News video “Guided by the Lord,” Sister Kristin M. Yee learned when she moved to California as a teenager the importance of the influence of the Holy Ghost helping her along the way.

The Primary general presidency worked together with the Friend magazine’s staff to create an issue to help all children better understand the baptismal covenant.

In recent years, Church leaders have repeatedly spoken about the need to preserve and defend the freedom to worship.

What members of the First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and other Church leaders taught from the new edition of “Preach My Gospel” and how it applies not only to missionaries but to all Latter-day Saints.

“Preach My Gospel” chapter 11: “Through understanding, inspiration and kindness, our missionaries have the power to spiritually lead those they teach to sincerely make and keep commitments,” Elder Neil L. Andersen says.